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Roof Replacement DeLand, FL

Residential Roofing

Beery Roofing and Design is one of the most experienced roofing contractors providing roof replacement in DeLand, FL. Our residential roofing services also include re-roof and roof repair. We have more than 25 years serving residents in communities such as DeBary, Deltona, and Orange City, FL as well as other surrounding Volusia County communities.

Roof Replacement vs. Re-Roof

Many homeowners decide to re-roof their home instead of a complete roof replacement. A re-roof is the process of installing a new roof on top of the existing roof. Since the removal of the original roof is unnecessary, it is a less costly option than a roof replacement. However, due to local building codes, not all homes can have a re-roof. For example, a re-roof can only be done once. Also, the roof deck must be in good condition. If the roof deck needs to be replaced due to rotting or deterioration, a roof replacement is the only option. Our certified technicians use only top-quality materials for a re-roof, and we perform a quality inspection throughout the entire process. Your local municipality will also inspect the roof to make sure it complies with your local building codes.

Residential Roof Repair

The roof is an essential feature that protects the structural integrity of the home and the safety of the occupants. Since a small water leak can lead to more extensive roof repairs, or even a re-roof, its good practice to have an annual roof inspection. You should also consider obtaining a roof inspection after an active hurricane season. A roof inspection can catch minor problems before they grow into more extensive repairs. Storms and windy conditions like hurricanes can damage shingles and tiles. The damage can cause water to leak through the underlayment resulting in a water leak. When you notice any damaged or missing tiles or shingles or spot any water stains on the ceiling, it's critical to call us, your local residential roofing contractor, as soon as possible. Making timely roof repairs is the key to prolonging the lifespan of your roof.

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