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Beery Roofing is an experienced roofing contractor specializing in metal roofing in DeLand, FL. We have more than two decades of experience providing roof replacement and roof repair for residential and commercial customers throughout the DeBary, Deltona, and Orange City areas.

What Are The Benefits of Metal Roofing?

Many homeowners are learning about the benefits of a metal roof during a roof replacement. Metal roofing offers numerous benefits, including energy savings, fire resistance, and wind mitigation, to name a few.

Energy Savings

Metal is one of the most energy-efficient materials and can shed as much as 40% in heating and cooling costs. Unlike an asphalt roof that retains most of the sun’s heat, a painted metal roof reflects much of the solar energy keeping the surface approximately 30 degrees cooler than an asphalt roof. An aluminum reflective coating reflects even more heat reducing the surface temperature by more than 60 degrees. The insular benefits of a metal roof will keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, thus reducing the load on air and heating equipment.

Water, Fire, and Wind Resistance

Our metal roofing carries a Class A fire rating, which is the highest rating possible, indicating its superior fire-retardant protection. It's the main reason why homeowners in areas prone to wildfires are installing a metal roof replacement for their homes and business. Also, a metal roof can withstand up to 140 MPH wind gusts saving customers money from wind-related storm damage. Metal roofs also resist water, hail, and pests, minimizing the need for costly roof repairs.


Metal roofs are not only eco-friendly, but they are also sustainable too. Asphalt shingles and other non-recyclable roofing materials are thrown in landfills when replaced. On the other hand, metal roofs are manufactured from recycled material and are entirely recyclable with zero-waste.


A quality metal roof installed by an experienced roofing contractor will have a lifecycle of up to 50 years or more. We offer a ten-year written warranty against defects in our workmanship that is in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty.

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